Where Are They Now? Sumin Yu '19

We recently caught up with Class of 2019 international alumnus Sumin Yu to find out what she's been up to since graduating from Saint Viator and returning home to Korea.

SVHS: What are you currently doing? 
SY: It's been exactly one month since my third year started. Since bachelor programmes in Europe are 3 years, I will be graduating at the end of this academic year. I'm still debating between getting a job or doing a masters afterward, but right now, I'm more leaned toward the former. Due to the pandemic, I spent half of my uni life at home in Korea, so I'd like to stay in Europe as long as I can. Besides school, I work as a member of the UNICEF Amsterdam Student team. This is something I got inspired to do by the activities I did back at Saint Viator. I was part of the Justice League and joined many events organized by campus ministry. I wanted to carry on with volunteering and organizing fundraising events. I also work as a freelance writer at a Korean company. I mainly write articles about the environment and how the Netherlands and European countries are dealing with the climate crisis.

SVHS: Do you have any special memories from your time at Saint Viator?

SY: My time at Viator was fun and very interesting. I experienced things that I would never have had if I stayed in Korea. I enjoyed being in the tech crew (this actually helped me a lot with assembling IKEA furniture). One of the memories I cherish the most is being in Justice League. I have a feeling that my experience with the Justice League will be my moral compass in upcoming years.

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