Retreat Programs
The camaraderie and bonds that form among the students during a retreat can be life-changing. The retreat experience provides an ideal opportunity for students to step back from everyday life while exploring their spirituality in a safe and relaxed environment.  
Retreats include Freshmen Retreat Day, Kairos, Quest, Urban Immersion, and other retreat opportunities.

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  • Kairos

    Kairos is a 3.5-day retreat led by seniors and campus ministers where the value of Christian faith is lived and celebrated in community. The purpose of this popular retreat is to help students identify and celebrate where God’s love is active in their lives. Many students consider this retreat to be one of the most memorable experiences of their four years at Saint Viator.
  • Urban Immersion

    This 24-hour retreat, offered three times each year at the David Darst Center in Chicago, immerses students into real-world experiences of poverty and injustice. Students analyze and explore their experiences through the lens of Catholic social teaching. This retreat inspires a commitment to serve and a passion for social change.
  • Quest

    Quest Retreat is a 24-hour retreat away from school and home to meet new people and talk about important life and faith issues. The retreat is designed to help students discover more about themselves, others, and God. Reconciliation and Eucharist is celebrated.

Saint Viator High School

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