The Board of Trustees is assembled of community, business and civic leaders dedicated to the identity of Saint Viator High School as the premier Catholic, Viatorian secondary school. Thanks to their partnership, Saint Viator remains dedicated to providing college-prep education, faith-formation, and innovation to our growing student body.

The Board and associated Committees generally meet monthly, from September through June. New members are welcomed on a rolling, as-needed basis during the academic year. For more information or to become involved with the Board of Trustees and related Board Committees, please see below or contact Chief Administrator Rev. Thomas von Behren, C.S.V.

Board Committees

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  • Academics, Technology, and Curriculum (ACT)

    Committee Purpose: The ACT committee assists school leadership with guidance in providing forward-thinking learning experiences for all students preparing for college and career readiness aligned to the school community's mission, vision, and values.
  • Building and Grounds

    Committee Purpose: To maintain, update, and enhance facilities that allow and encourage student Lions to learn, lead, perform, play, and pray in a college and career preparatory environment
  • Development

    Committee Purpose: The Development Committee exists to provide support, guidance, and resources to the Board of Trustees and the staff members of the Development Department at Saint Viator High School. Emphasis is on areas related to fundraising, date measurement and special events associated with the operation of the Development Department.
  • Enrollment

    Committee Purpose: To assist the administration in all phases of recruitment, admissions and enrollment at Saint Viator High School. To assist the Board of Trustees within the Strategic Plan to implement and update its comprehensive Enrollment Management Plan and the use of Best Practice(s) in regard to recruitment, admission and enrollment.
  • Finance

    Committee Purpose: To ensure the long-term viability and vitality of Saint Viator High school by:
    • Developing and proposing to the full Board a budget for the next fiscal year with appropriate assumptions, and to monitor the current year budget
    • Overseeing, from policy and planning perspectives, business operations of the school
    • Preparing, updating and monitoring long-range financial plans for the school
  • Marketing and Communications

    Committee Purpose: The Marketing and Communications Committee exists to provide support, guidance and resources to the Board of Trustees, the school administration, and the staff members of the Development Department at Saint Viator High School. Emphasis is on areas related to communications, marketing, recruitment, social media, and the school website as they pertain to prospective students and families, current students and families, alumni, past parents and the general community.
  • Mission Effectiveness

    Committee Purpose: The Mission Effectiveness Committee works with the administration, staff, and faculty to ensure that the Catholic character and the “Two Pillars of Saint Viator Education” (faith formation and personal development) are carried out within the Saint Viator community.
  • Policy and Planning

    Committee Purpose:
    • To ensure that the vision of Saint Viator as a Catholic high school is coordinated and supported among the various committees and the board of trustees
    • To assist the committees in aligning their activities with the vision of the school as a whole
    • To assist the board in retaining or capturing the knowledge/intellectual capital of key personnel upon retirement/conclusion of terms of service
    • To monitor the strategic plan and review objectives for possible policy additions or amendments.
  • Membership

    Committee Purpose: To assure Saint Viator High School Board maintains the optimal representation of skills, interests, and expertise to help fulfill its role of securing the long term viability of the school in cooperation with the administration and/or Board of Governors.

    This desired state would include the following categorical membership:
    • Two representatives of the Clerics of Saint Viator /Viatorian community
    • Current SVHS parents (no more than 33% of membership)
    • Alumni/parents of alumni
    • Leaders within civic, business, and professional communities
    • Partner school principals and area pastors
    • To support committee chairs in identifying and securing necessary volunteers required by them

2023-2024 Board of Trustees

Katharine Anderson '00
Steven Denten ‘86
Barb D’Urso, Viatorian Associate
Nick Espinosa '97
Justin Funk '01
Arthur Gasey '85, Chair 
Matt Gryzlo ‘87
Danielle Kenney
Kevin Kuhn '04
Rev. Tom Long, C.S.V.
Cassandra McKenna, Vice Chair
Peter McLeod
Nick Papanicholas '97
Caroline Starr '91
Lisa Warren
Maria Cinefro Yonkus ‘92

Interested in volunteer leadership positions with Saint Viator High School?
Contact President Mr. Ryan Aiello
Located in Arlington Heights, IL, Saint Viator High School is a private, co-ed, Catholic school for grades 9-12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.