Where Are They Now? Ludovica "Vicky" Garro '17

We recently caught up with Class of 2017 international alumnus Ludovica "Vicky" Garro to find out what she's been up to since graduating from Saint Viator and returning home to Italy.
SVHS: Where are you now?

LG: I am currently a 5th-year medical student. I will start my 5th year of medical school this upcoming October here in Rome, Italy. Here medical school is organized as a six-year program that starts right after graduating high school, and of course, there is a national entrance exam for it, like in America. I am enrolled in the medicine and surgery academic program at Sapienza Università di Roma (I am actually studying medicine entirely in English here). Since I will be starting my 5th year of medical school, I’ve also started to look at what I want to specialize in, and I found that I’m really passionate about pathology. So I’m interning in the department of pathology at my university teaching hospital where I get to sample organs for biopsies, diagnose different pathologies under the microscope, participate in autopsies, and get to work with pathology professors and residents. 
What memory do you still have of Saint Viator?

LG: It seems like yesterday I graduated from Saint Viator. I will forever be thankful to SVHS because it has truly helped me become the person I’ve become today. I definitely couldn’t have passed the entrance exam and become this successful without the help of my teachers at Saint Viator. I have many memories about SVHS still fresh in my head, one of which being all the international club field trips we would take with Mrs. Manno, Mrs. Miskowicz, and Mrs. Ruffatto. I truly love how they really cared about SVHS international students and how they were always there for us ready to help us in any way! Another memory I have is Mrs. Nicolau’s anatomy classes, all the dissections, and activities that truly made me discover my passion for medicine. I’m truly so thankful to Mrs. Nicolau for being one of the most influential teachers in my academic career. I’m where I am today also thanks to her. Also, another shoutout I need to make is to Mrs. Nowak and Mrs. Brankin that put up with me through their math classes and made math FUN (as Mrs. Nowak would say)! Also, other memories that come to my head are all the school dances, pep rallies, homecoming weeks, football games, and so much more. I created lifelong friendships at Saint Viator, I’ve met my best friends there, and even if we’re miles apart now, after five years we’re still so close. I’ve truly found a big family with the students and the teachers at SVHS that helped me become who I am and I will always be grateful for my time there! I truly feel like I am a Lion for Life. 

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