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Career Day

May 27, 2022
9:11 a.m. - 10:21 a.m.
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Our goal for Career Day is to continue shaping the students' future career paths by providing student-centered events focused on areas of their interest, while connecting them with industry professionals and alumni. This event allows for our students to be exposed to different career fields and create interest in future networking and professional opportunities.  The students will select two presentations of their choosing to experience interactive sessions with presenters in that career or similar.  

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  • Schedule

    9:11-9:16am Bell rings to transition
    9:16-9:46am Session 1
    9:46-9:51am Bell rings to transition
    9:51-10:21am  Session 2
  • Meet the Presenters

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the event open to everyone?
    The event is open to all freshman through juniors.  
    How will Career Day work?
    Students will get to listen to two presenters the morning of May 27th.  You will select which presentations you would like to attend and will be assigned to 2 of them before the event day.  You will attend two 30-minute sessions.  Please follow your assignments and attend the correct session.

    The presenters consist of alumni and friends of Saint Viator in a variety of careers.  The presenters will give a brief background about themselves, how they found their career path, and answer any of your questions.  You do not need to bring a resume for this event.  
    What can I do as a high schooler to gain experience in a specific career?
    This is one of the topics presenters will cover at Career Day! 
    Will we be able to apply to internships at the career fair and talk to representatives of companies?
    All the presenters will be able to answer questions about their college, their career, and their previous and current jobs/companies.  While they are representatives of their companies, their role is voluntary and they will not be offering internships during their sessions.  However, after attending the event and speaking with the presenters, we encourage you to do your research and pursue those opportunities on your own.  Feel free to email Ms. Harris or Mrs. Bangura or stop by their offices to discuss more.

    How do I start a conversation with a presenter?
    Being nervous is completely normal, and exciting!  The presenters want you to ask them questions and be curious - they’re here to help you!  Here are some questions to ask at a networking event.  
    How can I make the most of networking if I’m not that great starting a conversation?
    First thing to do is take a deep breath.  The presenters are people too and networking is just like a conversation with a new friend.  Take some time to briefly look into the presenters at the event - their job description, company, or college major.  Be observant and listen to things the presenters say during their presentations - their interests, favorite books, activities they participated in during high school, their profession.  Break the ice by talking about a similar interest you know you or both of you enjoy.  Ask your question or inquire more clarification about something they mentioned.  When the conversation is done, always look them in the eye and say “Thank you so much for your time.”    

    How do I follow-up after meeting an alum or presenter at Career Day? 
    Please reach out to Ms. Harris to get presenter contact information and refer to the networking policy.  Review the Event Booklet and use topics you heard from the presenters in your follow-up.  Mention shared passions or interests, ask a question or two that didn’t get answered, and see if you can schedule a 1-on-1 call with them or shadow the presenter to gain more experience in their role.
  • Phones/Ipads

    To be courteous of our presenters, we ask that you put your phone and iPads away during the session discussions to be respectful and fully present.
  • Presenter Booklet

  • How to Prepare for the Event

    • Make sure to fill out the Session Interest Form by May 20thNote: due to classroom capacity and student interest, we will try our best to assign you to at least 1 of your interested sessions.
    • Research the presenters that will be speaking
    • Come up with a couple questions you’d like to ask and practice asking the question. This preparation helps calm your nerves day of when you ask.
Interested in connecting with more alumni?  
Email Ms. Harris '15 (Alumni Relations Manager) at or Mrs. Bangura (College Counselor) at

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