STEM Designation

The STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) designated curriculum is ideal for students who are considering a college major in one of these fields. Students will supplement their college preparatory coursework with an emphasis on STEM-designated classes and experiences. They may join the program in freshman or sophomore year. Upon successful completion of the requirements, students will receive a designation on their transcript and recognition during their senior year.


STEM Designation Requirements

  • Take a minimum of two STEM courses per year (math, science and approved computer technology classes) with a minimum grade in each STEM class of 85 percent in regular and 80 percent in honors classes (unweighted)
  • Maintain a cumulative weighted GPA of 85 percent or above
  • Complete one full year of an approved computer technology class
  • Successfully complete at least one Advanced Placement STEM course
  • Students should attend at least three out of the six Industry Speaker talks offered each year.
    • Talks in 2018-2019: Mike Cirone '06 (emergency room doctor), Katie Dziedzic '09 (doctorate student in marine biology), Nick Espinosa '97 (chief financial officer), William Kolbuk '05 (structural engineer), Brian Walesa '06 (director of epidemiology and infection prevention) 
  • Complete four approved STEM experiences before second-semester of senior year from the list below:
    • Shadow a scientist - job shadow experience
    • Design an app
    • Design and conduct an experiment
    • Attend a STEM workshop
    • Attend Science Club - at least four activities
    • STEM exploration - STEM college visit or speaker
    • STEM internship - Work-study program


Enrichment Opportunities

  • STEM internships
  • College-level opportunities
  • College speakers


Additional Resources