Social Interaction and Support Clubs

Link Crew

Moderators: Mrs. JoAnne Francis (Ext. 267) and Mr. John Fuja (Ext. 326)
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LINK Crew is Saint Viator’s freshman and transfer student transition program. LINK leaders are juniors and seniors who have been invited to join after receiving faculty nominations and recommendations. They serve as mentors to the freshman class and provide social and academic support throughout the school year.

SADD-Students Against Destructive Decisions/Students Making Smart Choices

Moderator:  Mrs. Cate Majka (Ext. 289)

Students help to organize activities that educate and encourage all students to make good decisions. Club activities include: Red Ribbon Week, distracted driving awareness, safe driving and safe prom activities. Every year students participate in programs to help increase awareness of good decisions, including the IDOT’s Operation Safe Driving program, the International Save-a-Life Tour, our own Grimm Reaper day, Allstate’s X the Text program and AT&T’s It Can Wait program. In addition, SADD sponsors outreach programs including: the Walter Payton Toy drive and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. New club members and ideas are always welcome.

The Justice League

Moderator: Ms. Emily Egan (Ext. 211)

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We are a social justice club that encourages student leaders to commit to the Viatorian value of standing with the least accounted for. We incorporate community based learning, advocacy projects and theological reflection to provide students with the tools to create positive social change. Throughout the past few years we have: participated in Viatorian Border Immersions, sent student delegates to the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, planned a student-led walkout in support of March for Our Lives, and hosted a school-wide Trivia Night to raise awareness about access to global education. If you want to learn how to be an upstander during your time in high school, join us! For more information, stop by Campus Ministry to see Ms. Egan.