Service Clubs

Ambassadors Club

Moderator: Mr. Jason Kuffel (Ext. 256)

The Ambassadors Club is a select group of student representatives from all four grade levels for the purpose of prospective-student recruitment. Ambassadors assist in special events throughout the entire school year. These events include, but are not limited to, open houses, the 8th grade entrance exam, feeder school visits, shadow hosting and the incoming class BBQ in June. Students are invited to apply to the Ambassadors Club in the fall of each new school year. REGISTER HERE.


Moderator:  Mrs. JoAnne Francis (Ext. 267)

Founded in 2008 by Saint Viator students, EYEsee is an international health mission providing eye care and glasses to the poor. Glasses are collected and then, in partnering with international humanitarian organizations, distributed to the poor throughout the world. In doing so, these individuals experience improved economic well-being and quality of life. Meetings for volunteers are held regularly.

Recycling and Environmental Corps

Moderators:  Mr. John Paulik (Ext. 318)

This student-directed group reduces Saint Viator's paper waste and teaches the importance of conservation and recycling by example. Every week, the Corps collects the classroom and office recycling bins and empties them into the outdoor recycling dumpster. Other “green” projects may be explored by the group.