Parents Club

Join current and alumni parents to make a difference for all students.

The club:

  • Raises funds for the benefit of the school and students
  • Provides volunteers and hospitality for various school and faculty events throughout the year
  • Establishes a voice for parents
  • Provides programs of interest for parents throughout the year

2018-19 Meeting Dates:

Meetings are held in the third-floor conference room at 7:30 p.m. on the following days:

  • Monday, Sept. 10
  • Monday, Oct. 1
  • Monday, Nov. 5
  • Monday, Dec. 3
  • Monday, Jan. 7
  • Monday, Feb. 4
  • Monday, March 4
  • Monday, April 1
  • Monday, May 6
  • Monday, June 3

Why should I become an active member of the Parents' Club?

  • To find out what's going on at Saint Viator High School
  • To meet other parents and to facilitate networking
  • To feel connected to the school

2018-19 Board

President        Patti Pulikowski
Vice President        Jen Towsey
Treasurer        Lisa Warren
Recording Secretary        Lisa Chu
Corresponding Secretaries        Anne Marie Lichner and Heather Mueller
Moderator        Mrs. Karen Love





Class Representatives

We have parent representatives for each class to field any questions that you may have regarding activities or questions, large or small. Please consult your Student Directory for the appropriate phone numbers.

Freshman: Allison Parise, Joan Hegberg, and Anne Firestone

Sophomore: Anne Peterson, Jill Pasko, and Stacy Ruben

Junior: Amy Goss and Krista Christy

Senior: Kathy Wilhite, Teresa Kelly, and Therese Turzitti

Parents Club Contacts

Craft Beer Fest: Kathy Madaras, and Chris Efken

Hospitality: Lisa Onischuk, Brigid Kochera, Mary Saso and Erin Trunda

Senior Events: Katie Aulenta and Dawn Thompson

Fundraising: Mary Purk and Kristin DeJohn

Senior Celebration: Christy Napolean and Suzanne Rudolph

Post-Prom: Julie Murphy and Toni Sullivan

Website/Publicity Coordinator: Laura Carlson

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 Craft Beer Fest 2015 Photos