Developing Young Entrepreneurs

The vision of Saint Viator High School is to be recognized as a Catholic, college preparatory high school where tradition and innovation meet. The INCubatoredu program is a key element of that vision, preparing students to think creatively and solve problems using professional business skills. Saint Viator has partnered with the nonprofit organization, Uncharted Learning, to bring their very successful Entrepreneurship program known as INCubatoredu to the students of Saint Viator. In this program, students will create their own business and learn how to be entrepreneurs by developing skills in creative problem solving, critical thinking, public speaking, and teamwork.

Professional Mentors

Students are taught by teams of volunteers and subject-matter experts, providing an opportunity to work with real-world entrepreneurs. There are multiple volunteer roles available for professionals to assist our INCubatoredu teams as a coach, mentor, or member of the Board of Advisors (a.k.a., The Sharks). Click on the respective boxes below to get full descriptions of each role.


To ensure the success of the INCubatoredu program at Saint Viator we are in need of both monetary assistance and volunteer support.

◊    Funding to kickstart INCubatoredu

  • General Support $15,000
  • Annual subscription and training $5,000
  • Minimum Viable Product grants to teams $300
  • Final Pitch Night seed Funding for the Winning Team $2,500

◊    Volunteering

  • If you are interested in volunteering for the incubator program, please fill out and submit a Volunteer Form.

For more information on how you can ensure the success of the INCubatoredu program at Saint Viator High School, please contact Brian Liedlich ( or Tom Ramsden (