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Viatorian Service Learning

Each year, students are required to complete 25 hours of Viatorian Service Learning as part of their graduation requirement. As a mission-driven school rooted in the Catholic tradition, it is always our aim to enable our students to live more fully in line with the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching. It is important for our students to be able to access their service records and log their hours in a timely and convenient way. Therefore, we are always trying to make the process more accessible and efficient. Please read the following details thoroughly regarding some upcoming changes to our process for logging service.

  • Beginning June 5, 2019, ​Student Records​ will no longer be used to track student’s volunteer hours.
  • Over the summer we will be transitioning to a software called MobileServe.
  • Service records from previous years will still be accessible as all records will be transferred from Student Records to MobileServe.
  • Campus Ministry will review how to use this new service tracking program with students in May.
  • Students are invited to use MobileServe to track their hours over the summer ​or​ they may track their hours using the service log sheet.
  • Formal training of how to use MobileServe will take place for all students when we return in the fall.
  • Through MobileServe, students will be able to track service hours, share stories and photos of their service experiences, and measure their impact in our community.

This new system will ultimately make tracking and completing service hours much easier. However, as with any change, adjusting to a new system will take some patience and practice. Campus Ministry truly appreciates your help and understanding as we continue to maximize the effectiveness of the Viatorian Service Program.

Read the MobileServe Getting Started Guide

Campus Ministry and Viatorian Service Learning Faculty:

Nancy Devroy
Amy Northrop
Campus Minister
Jason Wilhite
Campus Ministry Assistant