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Each year, students are required to complete 25 hours of Viatorian Service Learning as part of their graduation requirement. This reflects a commitment to our mission as a Viatorian school and our conviction that service to others is a constitutive element of Christian life.

Viatorian Service Learning

Viatorian Service Learning is designed to help students of Saint Viator High School develop into people of compassion and knowledge, people committed to justice, and people called by God to serve others. Our program enacts Gospel values rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and the mission/vision of the Clerics of St. Viator, our founding order. During their four years at Saint Viator, students will use their particular gifts and talents on a local, regional and global level. A fundamental aspect of this program is reflection. Reflection helps students process and more fully understand the ways in which service experiences enhance personal growth and spiritual maturity. Students in every grade level engage in a formalized reflection process through their theology classes.

Service Opportunities

Throughout the year, various service projects are made available to the students. This information is updated on a rolling basis.

If you have questions about an agency, please contact them directly. If you have suggestions about a new opportunity, please contact Mrs. Devroy.

Permission forms for ongoing service trips are available in the Campus Ministry Office.


Except for school sponsored events, Saint Viator High School assumes no responsibility for students while they serve their Viatorian Service Learning hours. While these service sites are generally presumed safe for our students, it is the parents' responsibility to ensure the safety of their children while off of the Saint Viator High School campus. Saint Viator High School strongly encourages all students to plan to do their service in pairs or groups.


How to Log Viatorian Service Learning Hours

How to Find Service Opportunities by Date

How to Find Service Opportunities by Location

Common Service Questions

Campus Ministry and Viatorian Service Learning Faculty:

Nancy Devroy
Amy Northrop
Campus Minister
Kathy Wilhite
Campus Ministry Assistant