Leadership Team

Saint Viator's Campus Ministry Team (CMT) is a Christ-centered, caring, welcoming, Gospel-fueled group of fun people who lead and organize three major areas of ministry.

  • CMT Prays: The purpose of CMT Prays is to engage our school community in the liturgical life of the church through Eucharist and a variety of prayer and sacramental experiences. CMT Prays helps to make all-school Masses run smoothly.
  • CMT Connects: The purpose of CMT Connects is to actively promote all Campus Ministry programs through print and digital media.
  • CMT Acts: The purpose of CMT Acts is to promote Campus Ministry social events, service outings, Loaves & Fishes campaigns, and to liaise with the Justice League.

CMT Core Team Expectations

    • Participate in a leadership role in one of the three areas of ministry.
    • Follow through with the commitments you make to both Campus Ministry and the participants in the area you lead.
    • Invite students at Saint Viator to join and get involved at every opportunity.
    • Ask questions, probe, and challenge yourself, other leaders, and participants.
    • Communicate: if you miss a meeting, please check in with the other Core Team leaders and/or with the appropriate person in Campus Ministry.
    • A total of four unexcused absences are allowed throughout the year. If you are unexcused for more than four meetings, it is assumed that you are not able to continue as a leader of Core Team. You are welcome to continue in your area of interest as a participant rather than as a leader. Excused absences include:
      • All-school events that take place during our scheduled homeroom meeting
      • Being absent from school
    • Volunteer to read morning prayer during the morning announcements in homeroom. Contact CMT Prays for more information.
    • Attend all Core Team meetings during homeroom. Check in with your homeroom teacher before coming to Campus Ministry. 
    • Lead CMT after school meetings on the appropriate Tuesday at 2:05 pm. 
    • Assist in preparing the Cahill gymnasium for All-School Masses throughout the year. Please show up at 7:10 am. 



Alumni Memorial Chapel (2nd Floor) or Gallagher Commons (1st floor)


2:05-3: 00 pm on the following dates:
Winter CMT: January 22 
Spring CMT: March 12 & April 16

CMT COre team:

Meets during homeroom in campus ministry
winter core team: January 23, february 13, february 27
spring core team: march13, april 10, april 24, may 8