Loaves & Fishes Collection

Guidelines & Eligibility

At-risk individuals and families are abundant in the communities where our students reside. The Loaves & Fishes Collection tries to focus our support on the areas where we can have the most immediate impact. We choose individuals and families based on a number of guidelines. Here are general guidelines and eligibility criteria for donations.







Bessie's Table- $204.78
CASA Lake County- $144.27
Cows Against Malaria- $255.94
CRS Rice Bowl- $3,074.53
Faith Community Homes- $332.20
Home of the Sparrow- $178.65 
Howard Area Community Center- $144.95 
McKenna Family- $485.58
Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation- $207.67
Preservation of Human Dignity- $518.08 
Salute, Inc. - $410.91
A Soldier's Journey Home- $185.46 
Unaccompanied Children's Interfaith Ministry- $248.29
UNICEF Trick or Treat- $780.00
Unite For Sight- $114.86
Wine to Water- $146.74


TOTAL RAISED ('16-'17):