Available Position

International Program Director/TEsting Coordinator

Saint Viator High School is searching for an International Program Director/Testing Coordinator to begin June 1, 2019. An ideal candidate should have experience working with international students and knowledge of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) program. The selected candidate would be expected to join our current International Program Director on a trip to China from March 21 to April 1, 2019, for cultural immersion and to interview future students. A current passport is required for this position.

International Program Director Job Description:
  • Review applications to accept students to the program and collect documents for the I-20 student visa
  • Work with the Archdiocese of Chicago to process and distribute the I-20 visas
  • Facilitate testing for proper placement of international students into math classes
  • Collect “Back to School” forms for Archdiocese of Chicago on a timely basis
  • Host the International Student & Parent Meeting at the beginning of the school year and international student meetings throughout the year
  • Monitor academic progress and personal issues that arise throughout the school year
  • Oversee the International Student Tutoring Program and Mentoring Program
  • Maintain a good working relationship with the agencies and agents bringing students to our program
  • Collect and process travel documents during peak vacation times (Christmas, spring break, and summer vacations)
  • Plan and host the graduation dinner for senior international students, their guardians, and their parents
  • Collect and prepare the “Transfer Out” forms for college admissions for senior international students to secure their new I-20 visas to continue study in the United States

Testing Coordinator Job Description:
  • Underclassmen testing day in October (pre-ACT for freshmen and sophomores and PSAT for juniors), including extended-time testing
  • Entrance Exam for 8th grade students in December, including extended-time testing
  • Extended-time testing for semester exams in January and in June
  • ACT and the SAT exams in April/May and any special testing requests for the ACT and the SAT throughout the school year


Cover letter, resume and list of references should be sent to Karen Love, Principal at klove@saintviator.com.