The Lion Legacy Society

Saint Viator High School is fulfilling a critical educational mission in Chicago's northwest suburbs.

We invite your partnership in the Viatorian Catholic tradition of commitment to quality in educational programs, the environment of concern and respect for each individual, and the strong relationships among the students and faculty that are hallmarks of Saint Viator High School by becoming a member of The Lion Legacy Society. This honorary society celebrates the traditions of Saint Viator High School and its legacy to the future. It is comprised of generous benefactors who have provided for Saint Viator in their estate plans in the way of a will, life-income agreement, charitable remainder trust, gift annuity, or life insurance policy. By remembering Saint Viator in this way, alumni, parents, and friends are able to become perpetual partners with the school while also being involved in its contemporary work during their lifetimes.

We honor and thank all farsighted individuals who are part of The Lion Legacy Society. We are grateful for their commitment to the ideals of the Viatorians and Saint Viator High School’s mission of excellence that is continuing to thrive today.

Success in living our Viatorian mission, however, does not come without significant cost. As a private, Catholic coeducational high school sponsored by the Clerics of St. Viator, enrollment is open, but the school receives no state or federal tax dollars or archdiocesan support. Although Saint Viator students are educated using fewer dollars per student than many public schools, the financial commitment required is great for current parents and their families. We need your help to ensure that the Saint Viator success story continues. We can meet the ever-increasing demands for excellence in staffing, programs and facilities. We can continue to make the Viator experience available to a well-deserving, diverse student population. But it can only be done through endowing our future financial stability.

Options for Planned Giving

Over the next 20 to 30 years, the United States will see history's largest transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. As a result, Planned Giving has become a significant emphasis of the Saint Viator Office of Institutional Advancement.

What does that mean for you, the Alumni, Parents and Friends of Saint Viator High School?

Our intention is to identify charitably-inclined individuals and families who believe in and will partner with us in supporting the Viatorian mission. The fact is that individuals give nine out of every ten charitable gifts made in the United States each year. We hope to secure financial gifts that will positively impact Saint Viator High School and the estate plans of tax-wise donors. As a donor, your dreams and values can be realized at the time of the disposition of your estate, or within your lifetime. Your gifts can go into an endowment to fund Scholarships and Grants for future students, Faculty Development, or other areas of the school.

What is Estate Planning and why is it important?

Estate Planning is the process of developing a plan for the creation, conservation and disposition of your estate so that the goals for yourself and your family, during lifetime and after death, can be realized with maximum safety and effectiveness. Planned Giving is the decision to include favorite charities or non-profits in your Estate Plan. The right Planned Gift can improve your quality of life, cut your tax liability and help your chosen charity (Saint Viator High School) better live out its mission and achieve longterm goals. Please consult your financial advisor or contact the Advancement Office at Saint Viator High School.

Why is it so critical to have a current Will and Estate Plan?

Dying without a will means that the laws of the state in which you lived will determine how your property is distributed, even though your family and loved ones may not be pleased with the outcome. An outdated will could also result in the wrong persons or parties receiving your property upon your passing, with inadequate provisions being made for your family, children and loved ones. Your Estate Plan and will should include provisions to save taxes and conserve your property for those you intend to benefit. Your will is the means to direct the state in which you reside to recognize your wishes. A properly prepared legal document is required in order to protect your estate and create the desired outcome in the proper distribution of your assets and property. Now is a good time to address your need to either create or update your will and Estate Plan.

Are there options available to me as a donor and friend of Saint Viator to take care of my family and to provide ongoing support to the school?

There are a variety of gift planning opportunities designed to assist you in making a significant contribution to Saint Viator, while also helping you further your own financial and charitable goals. Planned gifts include gifts provided through your will or trust, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, gifts of life insurance and gifts of retirement plans. As with all planned gifts, please be sure to consult with your legal and tax advisors.

Are there longterm needs Saint Viator High School has identified that can be addressed through planned or deferred gifts that may not be realized in the near future?

As part of Saint Viator High School’s two successful capital campaigns, Heart of the Lion and Shaping the Future with Faith, new endowments have been created for the purposes of providing increased levels of Scholarships and Grants to future students and increasing the continuing educational opportunities and training of our dedicated faculty members. Endowment funds for Saint Viator High School are set aside and kept separate from operating and capital fund accounts. The principle is invested at the direction of the Investment Board and the interest or proceeds from those investments will either be put back in, to continue growing the endowment, or be eventually distributed for its stated purposes. The corpus or principle will not be touched. Endowment funds afford donors and friends the opportunity to “lock in” their giving to address long range goals of the school which will not change…to continue to make the Viator experience available to a diverse student population, and to maintain a talented, dedicated and skilled faculty.

Each member of the Lion Legacy Society has made an estate plan or endowment gift for Saint Viator. These gifts have been made through a bequest, an annuity agreement, trust agreement, life insurance program, or by a leadership gift to one of the aforementioned endowment funds. Please contact Tom Ramsden in the Advancement Office at (847) 392-4050 ext. 286 for more information about membership in the Lion Legacy Society and the benefits of leaving your mark on the Saint Viator High School tradition.

Questions? Contact:

Tom Ramsden
Vice President,
847-392-4050, ext. 286