Boys Cross Country

2018 Cross Country


Meet the Coaches:

Patti YellinWayne Edelman

Head Coach


Coaching Staff:

Bill Stanczak
John Curtain
Trisha Stapleton

Season Schedules



  • 2017
    25th Place at State
    2nd Place at 2A Fenton Regionals
    2nd Place in ESCC/School record SIX All Conference Runners
    1st Place at Pat Savage Invite Red Division
    2nd Place at Jim Connelley Invite
  • 2016
    14th Place at State (school record)
    Sam Brey - Fenton Sectional Champion
    2nd Place at 2A Fenton Sectionals
    2nd Place at Sectionals
    Regional Champions
    2nd Place in ESCC/Four All Conference runners
    1st Place at Artman and ESCC North Mid-Season Meet
  • 2015
    State Qualifiers, 25th Place
    2nd Place in ESCC, four All-Conference Runners
    3rd Place at Regionals
    1st Place at ESCC North Mid-Season Meet
  • 2014
    State Qualifiers
    2nd Place at Regionals
    2nd Place in ESCC
  • 2013
    2nd Place in ESCC
    Nick Brey '14, ESCC Champion, State Qualifier, All-State-20th Place
  • 2012
    State Qualifiers
    3rd Place at Sectionals
    3rd Place at Regionals
    2nd Place in ESCC
  • 2011
    State Qualifiers, first time in team history
    4th Place at Sectionals
    3rd Place at Regionals
    3rd Place in ESCC
  • 2010
    2nd Place in ESCC
  • 2009
    2nd Place in ESCC
    3rd Place at Regionals
  • 2008
    Nick Fiore '09 and Nick Fratto '09– Sectional Qualifiers