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Saint Viator & Sacred Heart of Mary Alumni Association
Welcomes you to our first-ever Women’s Event
All female students are welcome to join us for an evening of empowerment and discovery as we host the first annual Women's Event. The event will include a panel discussion and career-fair style breakouts all led by Saint Viator and Sacred Heart of Mary alumnae.
Topics include: college and career discernment representing more than 15 career paths, gaining confidence, job shadowing, relationship building, the 21st-century workplace, and more. This year's event is a can't miss!
February 15
6:00-8:00 p.m.
Commons | Querbes 

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  • Attendees

    All freshman through senior girls are invited to attend. There is limited capacity so register now!
  • Networking with Alumnae (Coming Soon)

  • Schedule

    5:30 PM Check-In opens, LinkedIn Headshots
    6:00 PM Panel Discussion in Academic Commons
    7:00 PM Breakout Sessions in Querbes Hall
    8:00 PM Evening Concludes
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the event open to everyone?
    The event is open to all freshmen through senior girls.  
    What should I bring to the Women’s Event?
    A notebook and pen will be provided for all the amazing notes you will want to take home. Print versions of the booklet (modified) will also be provided.  Come with some goals for what you want to get out of the Women’s Event (ie. I want to talk to 3 alumnae at each breakout session, I want to ask a question during the panel Q&A, I want to schedule a follow-up meeting with at least one alumna from the event, etc.)  You do not need to bring a resume for this event.  
    What can I do as a high schooler to gain experience in a specific career?
    This is one of the topics we will cover at this event! 
    Will we be able to apply to internships at the career fair and talk to representatives of companies?
    All the panelists and women at the breakout sessions will be able to answer questions about college, their career, and their previous and current jobs/companies. While they are representatives of their companies, their role is voluntary and they will not be offering internships at this event. However, after attending the event and speaking with the alumnae, we encourage you to do your research and pursue those opportunities on your own. Feel free to email Ms. Harris or Mrs. Bangura or stop by their offices to discuss more.

    Can we get specific contact information for the representatives?
    Please review the Women’s Event networking policy for contacting alumnae at this event.
    This is my first career-networking event and I’m nervous.  How do I start a conversation with an alumna?
    Being nervous is completely normal, and exciting! The alumnae want you to ask them questions and make mistakes - they’re here to help you!  Here are some questions to ask at a networking event.  
    How can I make the most out of this event if I’m not good with people?
    First thing to do is take a deep breath. The alumnae are people too and networking is just like a conversation with a new friend. Take some time to briefly look into the women at the event - their job description, company, or college major. Be observant and listen to things the alumnae say at the event - their interests, favorite books, things they participated in at high school, their profession. Break the ice by talking about something you know you or both of you enjoy. When the conversation is done, always look them in the eye and say, “Thank you so much for your time.”    
    How do I follow up after meeting an alumna at the Women’s Event? 
    Please reach out to Ms. Harris to get an alumna's contact information and refer to the networking policy. Review the event booklet and use topics you talked about with the alumnae in your follow-up. Mention shared passions or interests, ask a question or two that didn’t get answered when you first talked, and offer to help the alumna to gain more experience.
  • Event Booklet (Coming Soon)

  • Attire

    Come as you are. In general, attire for this event is business casual. If you are coming straight from practice, we still want you to come! It’s okay if you’re still in your practice uniform.  While looking your best is a nice first impression, what’s more impressive is how you speak for yourself.
  • Phones/iPads

    We will have some QR codes linked throughout the event, so having your phone or iPad will be helpful. To be courteous of our alumnae, we ask that you put your phone and iPads away during the panel discussion and breakout sessions to be fully present at the event.
  • What Will Be Provided

    A notebook and pen will be provided for all the amazing notes you will want to take home. Print versions of the booklet (modified) will also be provided. 
  • Preparing for the Event

    • Research the Alumnae that are attending
    • Decide who you want to meet and talk with
    • Create an elevator pitch 30-60 seconds explaining who you are, what your skills are, and what your career goals are.  
    • Come up with a couple of questions you’d like to ask and practice asking the question. This will help you present yourself as a professional and help calm your nerves on the event day.
Interested in connecting with more alumni?  
Email Ms. Harris '15 (Alumni Relations Manager) at or Mrs. Bangura (College Counselor) at

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