Registering with Blackbaud for the First Time

Please follow these steps to set up your Blackbaud account.


1. Go to
2. Click on the link: "Forgot login or First time logging in?".
3. Please complete the following, using the primary email address you have on file with Saint Viator High School:

4. After completing this process, you will receive additional communications from Blackbaud. Please check your email and follow any needed steps.

once you have established your blackbaud account, please review your information and sign your contract.


After you log in, select Profile and ensure that your information is correct: 



Select Profile: 



Under your Account Settings, you may set your Notification Settings and your Privacy Settings: 



Under Recent Activity, you will see a notification that you have a contract to accept - click on that link to view your contract. Under Files & Forms, you will see a Smart Tuition Contract and a Student Enrollment Contract. Select the Review box to proceed. 


You will be asked to approve an eSignature Agreement. Select the Agree box. 



Under the Student Enrollment Contract, select "No, I do not already have a Smart Tuition Account with Saint Viator High School" and then select the "Continue to contract" box. 


Under the Policies tab, please review and initial the tuition contract. 


Under the Further Acknowlegement tab, please review the acknowledgements and initial. Click on the Next box. 


Under Manage Billing Information, choose your Payment Plan and Payment Method. 



You will be shown your personal Student Enrollment Contract including the Schedule of Fees, review and select the Next box. 


Finally, include your eSignature initials and date and select To Review for an overview of your contract.