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Saint Viator High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex or ethnic origin in admitting students. First priority is always given to those students who take the entrance test at Saint Viator High School on the assigned date in December.

Discover Saint Viator

Saint Viator's Shadow Program invites 7th and 8th-grade students to spend time here on campus, attending classes and asking questions of a student guide who will show them around the school.

Saint Viator also hosts an Open House in the fall, welcoming prospective students and their families to tour the school, meet with and ask questions of current faculty, staff, and students. Open House also allows prospective students to explore what Saint Viator's tradition of academic innovation rooted in a Catholic tradition.

Incoming Freshmen

All 8th-grade graduates, regardless of race, creed, sex, or ethnic origin are eligible for admission to Saint Viator High School. An entrance exam is given to prospective students annually on the first Saturday of December. The results of the exam are received and used for course placement, along with recommendations from grade school teachers. An admissions committee reviews the entrance exam performance of any student's score which falls in the lowest quartile. For admission, the admissions committee considers entrance exam results and weighs previous academic performance and teacher evaluations. Additional data may be required before admission is granted. The admissions committee makes the final decision concerning admission. For admission consideration, we ask you to:

      • Take Saint Viator High School's Entrance Exam
      • Release academic report from grade school
      • Schedule a registration appointment with the Registrar
      • Pay a non-refundable $400 tuition deposit

Transfer Students

Transfer students will normally be accepted only at the semester. A student requesting the transfer to Saint Viator must submit the forms listed below before any consideration will be given to the request for transfer. The same academic standards apply as for incoming freshmen. All transfer students are admitted on academic and disciplinary probation for the duration of their first year at Saint Viator. Department chairpersons will assist in the placement of all transfer students. If you're interested in transferring, we ask you to:

International Students

The Reverend Mark R. Francis, C.S.V. International Program invites international students to experience faith-based, college preparatory education. Learn more about our International Program.

Graduation Requirements

Twenty-four credits are necessary for graduations. The 24 hours must include the following:

      • English (4 credits)
      • Religion (4 credits)
      • Social Studies (3 credits; a full credit in U.S. History and World History must be part of the 3 credits, 1 credit - Social Studies elective)
      • Science (3 credits; 1 Biology, 1 Physical Science, 1 elective)
      • Mathematics (3 credits)
      • Physical Education/Health (2 credits)
      • Modern World Language (2 credits; 2 credits in Fine Arts may be substituted when approved by the principal)
      • Fine Arts (0.5 credit)
      • Computer Technology (0.5 credit)
      • Elective (0.5 credit)

Students are required to complete 25 hours of Christian Service each school year as part of the graduation requirement. Upon graduation, students will complete a minimum of 100 total hours. Learn more about the Viatorian Service Learning Experience.

For more information, view the Curriculum Guide.

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