Special Interest Clubs

Anime Club

Moderator: Mr. Matt Gruenfeld (Ext. 288)

Anime is Japanese animation that has many different genres. It has been popular in Japan since the 1960's and has gained popularity in the United States. Many anime that come to America are edited to meet our standards and revoiced in a process called dubbing. Fans or students interested in learning more about Anime are invited to join. 

Cahill Crazies

Moderators: Mr. Genualdi (Ext. 263) and Mrs. Lynde

The Cahill Crazies is the name for the student section at our sporting events. The Crazies are a group of students dedicated to enhancing the student sense of pride in Saint Viator. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate, but the Cahill Crazies Team will be selected by moderators in late summer, prior to the first home football game. To be in the Crazies, one must fully embrace the passion and spirit that has made Saint Viator High School one of Chicago’s most respected Catholic high schools for 50 years. There is no limit to membership, and it is a goal of Cahill Crazies to enlist 70% of the student body as active members. Meetings will be held on an as-needed basis and events will be throughout the year. 

E-Commerce Club

Moderator: Mrs. Rita Scully (Ext. 246)

The E-Commerce Club is a student organization that is focused on educating students on the e-commerce industry through the creation and operation on Saint Viator’s online retail store, McKenna Marketplace at Saint Viator. 

Film-Making Club

Moderator: Ms. Maggie Miskowicz (ext. 217) 
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Students will learn the business of being a filmmaker. They will learn how to use equipment and software for post-production. Students will participate in projects producing special films for sports teams or student activities as requested. Students will work on other projects as assigned in the club, with the goal of having a student film festival in the spring.