Special Interest Clubs

Anime Club

Moderator: Mr. Matt Gruenfeld (Ext. 288)

Anime is Japanese animation that has many different genres. It has been popular in Japan since the 1960's and has gained popularity in the United States. Many anime that come to America are edited to meet our standards and revoiced in a process called dubbing. Fans or students interested in learning more about Anime are invited to join. 

Bass Fishing Club

Moderator: Br. Lamick (Ext. 304)

The Bass Fishing Club focuses on developing both knowledge and skills necessary to catch freshwater fish and in particular, largemouth bass. Activities may include selection and maintenance of tackle, studying the nature and habits of fish, fish location, lure selection and safety skills. Members of the club will have the opportunity to qualify for the fishing team and represent Saint Viator in the IHSA Bass Fishing Team Tournament in April.

Cahill Crazies

Moderators: Mr. Dave Archibald (Ext. 237) and Mrs. Kathleen Lynde (Ext. 298)

The Saint Viator student body, otherwise known as, the Cahill Crazies, are dedicated to enhancing school spirit at Saint Viator High School. ALL students are members of the Cahill Crazies. Leadership positions and roles of support are available to those who express interest. The mission of the Cahill Crazies is to fully embrace the passion and spirit that has made Saint Viator High School one of Chicago’s most respected Catholic high schools! Join us as we cheer the Lions on to victory and continue to pave the path as the most influential high school student body!

Film Club

Moderator: Ms. Maggie Miskowicz (ext. 217) 
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Students who participate in this club will learn the business of being their own film-maker. They will learn how to use equipment and software for post-production. Students will participate in projects such as producing special films for sports teams or student activities as requested. Students will work on other projects as assigned in the club, with the goal of having a student film festival in the spring.

Illustrators Club

Moderator: Ms. Matt Gruenfeld  (ext. 288) 

Illustrators is a club for artists who are interested in honing their artistic skills. The club meets once a week after school for a variety of art activities. Every other week, we work on a guided activity (some solo, some collaborative) and the other times, students are encouraged to work on their own personal artistic endeavors. Whether you consider yourself a master artist or just have a desire to learn, all are welcome.

Investment Club

Moderator: TBD

The Investment Club is a student-run organization that focuses on the basics of the stock market and why money-managing skills are important to everyone, not just those interested in pursuing a career in business. Members are placed into a fantasy league where they compete for a top place finish at the end of the year. Student Co-Founders hope to bring in qualified experts throughout the year to engage with members in order to help them decide if the business world is right for them or to increase their knowledge to be successful in their personal finances. Please visit https://svhsinvestmentclub.weebly.com/ to sign up and for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon! Moderator will be announced in the fall.