Journalism Groups

Viatome - Yearbook

Moderator: Mrs. Nancy Jensen ext. 306

Students are responsible for producing the school yearbook by choosing a theme, creating layouts, selecting pictures, doing interviews and gathering information to document the year. Members have the opportunity to attend a yearbook workshop in August of each year and coordinate club photo day in December. Anyone may join the yearbook staff at the beginning of the school year. No experience required. The yearbook staff meets after school as needed.

Viator Voice - Student Newspaper

Moderator: Mr. Chris Paolelli (ext. 287)
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The Viator Voice is an award-winning student newspaper that releases six issues per year, plus an annual Senior Issue. Learning and employing the principles of Associated Press journalistic style, students of all grade levels report, write, and edit stories, create art and photography, and design pages in the World, Local, Opinion, Entertainment, and Sports sections.

New and Returning Staff Orientation occurs in September, with intermittent training throughout the year. All-staff meetings occur before school at 7:10 a.m. approximately one month before each release date. For increased involvement, staff members may transfer into the newspaper homeroom at the start of the second semester.

Editorial staff members are chosen in February and required to join the homeroom the following year.