Scanlan Program

A program to assist students who may require support with the demands of a college preparatory curriculum


In 1993, Saint Viator High School received a generous donation from Robert and Ann Scanlan in memory of their son, Scott '76, to implement a program for students who have the potential to succeed academically, but might require support with Saint Viator's rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Students accepted into the program have diagnosed learning differences, Other Health Impairments (OHI), Response to Intervention (RTI) plans, a current psycho-educational evaluation report, Neuropsychological evaluation report, and/or qualify for services through a case evaluation by Saint Viator staff. The staff has helped hundreds of students develop independent, lifelong learning skills. Approximately 80 students attend learning strategy classes each day, while another 350 students make use of the testing center each week. 


To work closely with content area teachers, counselors, parents and students to develop and implement an intervention plan for success in both academic exploration and faith formation.


  • Provide an effective support system for students
  • Teach the skills necessary for maximizing success in the academic curriculum
  • Develop lifelong learning skills
  • Develop a sense of pride and self-worth
  • Understand oneself through self-determination skills
  • Develop self-advocacy skills that promote proactive involvement in one's educational process
  • Develop appropriate communication skills
  • Explore college level resources and services
  • Develop a respect for diversity and differences as learned from the Gospel

Support Services

  • In partnership with Township High School District #214, the staff develops and implements individualized Service Plans for eligible students.
  • Over 100 students receive daily services in assigned Learning Strategies classes, individual or small group tutoring, and/or by utilizing testing services.

Resource Services

  • The center is available to the program's students before and after school, as well as during free periods.
  • The staff provides help with content area coursework, studying for tests, utilizing technology, and implementing executive functioning skills.
  • Students may utilize the technology available in the center, including computers, software, Inspiration, Kurzweil (text to speech), Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech to text), READ 180, and educationally relevant iPad applications.

Learning Strategies Classes

  • Develop independent, lifelong learning skills that include reading, written expression, test-taking and self-efficacy; and
  • Teach strategies that aid acquisition and understanding of information with the goal of helping students reach their fullest potential.
  • Incoming freshmen participate in a three-week summer intensive study skills class for which they receive academic credit.


  • Two full-time, certified, special education teachers
  • One program assistant
  • One testing coordinator who facilitates accommodations for testing as identified by a student’s individual service plan, 504 plan or accommodation plan

Use of Technology

  • With the use of the iPad, students in the Scanlan Center are taught how to use apps that:
    • aid in organization;
    • allow them to present and organize information in a multi-sensory manner; and
    • allow them to use text-to-speech services and speech-to-text services.
  • Engaging SMART Board lessons lead to active learning.
  • The Scanlan Center is also home to a computer lab where students can access the READ 180, Kurzweil, and Inspiration softwares.


In 2011, it was announced that Saint Viator High School’s Capital Campaign, Shaping the Future with Faith, would include the comprehensive renovation of the Scanlan Center. Through the generosity of the Saint Viator community and the support of the Scanlan family, the renovation of the Scott R. Scanlan Center became a reality. The Center has been transformed into a technologically-advanced and comfortable learning environment that students will enjoy for years to come.

Department Faculty:

Mrs. Erica Fuja - Chairperson
Mr. Anthony Callero
Br. Peter Lamick, CSV
Mrs. Mary Lanus

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