Father Louis Querbes Scholars Program

A program designed to enable highly motivated students to excel in academics and personal enrichment


Father Louis Marie Querbes founded the Clerics of St. Viator in Vourles (Lyon), France in 1838. The Viatorians describe their charism as education in faith and ministry of Word and Eucharist. Father Querbes was a priest, pastor and also a scholar. Author of a religious biography and a compiler of hymnals, he prepared manuals on Catechesis, teaching methodology and even mathematics. Finding young people in Vourles and throughout rural France who could not read or write, he recruited teachers, opened schools, and eventually founded a religious community, the Clerics of St. Viator, to offer faith-based academic excellence. Saint Viator High School exemplifies his goals and ideals.

Querbes Scholars are students of exceptional academic promise, highly motivated, and imbued with a faith-based concern for others. Querbes Scholars are invited to enrich their years at Saint Viator High School through activities that foster personal growth, intellectual independence and faith enrichment.

Querbes Scholars Requirements

In order to qualify and remain active in the program, students must:
  • score in the top 7 national percent on the Saint Viator entrance exam;
  • submit completed application;
  • maintain a minimum of 97% GPA to remain in program;
  • complete three honors classes freshman and sophomore year, four honors classes junior and senior year;
  • complete three years of a modern world language; and
  • participate in at least one co-curricular activity each year.
Students may be invited to apply for admission into the Querbes program at the completion of their sophomore year if they:
  • have achieved a cumulative weighted GPA of 100% or greater;
  • completed three honors classes in both freshman and sophomore year;
  • be on track to completing three years of a language;
  • have participated in at least one co-curricular activity each year;
  • submit a completed application.

Querbes scholars are expected to participate fully in all Querbes enrichment events. Additionally, a Querbes scholar is expected to maintain exemplary attendance in classes and may be dropped from the program if he or she has exceeded 10 absences in a class in one semester.


The combination of the program’s 21st century curriculum and enrichment opportunities prepares students to be among the top candidates for admission into some of the leading colleges and universities in the nation. Additional benefits include:

  • Querbes Scholar designation on transcript;
  • involvement in special co-curricular activities;
  • regular symposiums integrating academic and social issues of current relevance;
  • completion of a portfolio integrating curriculum during senior year; and
  • a challenging and fun way to combine academics and “real world” experiences.

Enrichment opportunities

Special presentations with prominent speakers
  • Out of school experiences:
    • Operas
    • Theaters
    • Museums
    • Lectures
    • Historic sites
    • Foreign travel
  • Summer opportunities:
    • College program
    • Internships
    • Seminars

Our Founder: Father Louis Querbes: