Teachers are to have assignments posted by 9 a.m. and students have until 11 a.m. to check-in. Students can start working on the assignments as soon as they are posted, which may be a carryover from a previous day pending the depth of the assignment. They may be videos, discussions, reading with responses, etc. It will vary based on how the teacher feels it best to move the learning forward. Assignments should take approximately 25-45 minutes per class. For parents, on Blackbaud under the "Resources" tab, there is a tile that provides general expectations and a video for how students are to check-in for attendance purposes. Information can also be found on our eLearning page.

eLearning Information

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  • How do I start?

    Students are to check-in to every class by 11:00 a.m. or they will be marked absent. Teachers will post all resources and assignments by 9:00 a.m. We suggest students check in to all of their classes first and then go back and work on the assignments for each class. 
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  • What if I forget to check-in?

    If a student forgets to check-in and is marked absent, they can still complete the work for their classes.
  • How will teachers take attendance?

    Attendance is based off of a student's daily check-in. Students must check in by 11:00 a.m., and at that time, teachers take attendance for all their classes.
  • What if I have a question?

    If students have a question or issue about a particular class, they are to contact their teacher. If students have a general issue concerning Blackbaud, they are to contact Ms. Miskowicz or Mr. Field.
  • Will my work be graded?

    Yes. All student work will be graded. eLearning days are considered to be regular learning days, just in the online format.
  • What if I'm ill?

    A parent/guardian must call the attendance line and leave a message if their student will be absent and unable to login to classes (due to illness, travel, etc.), just as if they were absent on a typical school day. The attendance number is 224-625-1226.

Zoom Student Expectations

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  • 1. Please use your full legal name when you join the Zoom session.

  • 2. If you are attending a session, be on time.

  • 3. If you would like, you may turn on your webcam but you do not have to and can just listen in.

  • 4. Please mute yourself when you are not talking.

  • 5. Please be respectful and mindful of your teacher and classmates.

    • Do not eat during the session. 
    • You do not need to wear your uniform, but you must wear appropriate clothing. The sessions are being recorded and will be shared with those who cannot attend or for review.
    • Be present. Please don’t multitask (watch Netflix, play with a sibling/pet, etc.) during the session. Be respectful of your teacher’s time.
    • Join from a quiet room with a good Wi-Fi connection. 
    • Sit on a chair and use a table for your laptop.
    • Use headphones if you have them.
    • Make the necessary preparations in advance of your session (for example, when possible, use the restroom before the session starts).
    • ‘Raise your hand’ if you have a question.

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