Social Studies

Fostering students' understanding of the past to equip them for the world of tomorrow

The Social Studies Department prepares students to participate in an increasingly global society, one which embraces diverse cultures.

Classrooms utilize the latest technology:

  • Message boards: to enhance discussion of course material and encourage independent learning
  • Class websites: to supply up-to-date class information, resources, and assignments
  • Tweets: to supply up-to-date class information
  • Interactive maps: to enhance student understanding and illustrate connections between the past and present
  • SMART Boards and SMART Response controllers: interactive response system that instantly tracks lesson comprehension


  • World History, U.S. History, and Civics are required courses, but electives include: Geography, Global Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and Contemporary World Issues.
  • AP courses are offered in World, U.S. History and European History as well as in Human Geography.
  • Students must pass the U.S. Constitution and Illinois Constitution tests as part of the Civics course.

Independent Learning

  • Upperclassmen are encouraged to explore topics in depth, developing their critical thinking skills.
  • Students have written three books based on interviews with surviving local veterans: a World War II book completed by students in 2008-2009, a Korean War book completed by students in 2010-2011, and a Vietnam War book completed by students in 2012-2013.

Department Faculty

Mrs. Maureen Martin - Chairperson
Mr. Cory Jensen
Mrs. Kristen Jordan
Mr. Eric Levin
Mr. David Lyons
Mr. Vincent Nardiello
Mr. Andrew Weber

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