Modern World Languages

Preparing students to become successful communicators in an increasingly global society

Through the study of a Modern World Language, students:

  • gain insight into Catholic and religious culture, teachings and traditions of other countries;
  • appreciate and respect other cultures and languages;
  • apply their language skills outside the classroom; and
  • use technology to enhance learning.


  • Students need two years of a modern world language to graduate.
  • Many students exceed this requirement by continuing their language study for three or four years.
  • The curriculum emphasizes learning in all four areas of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Four levels are offered in Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.
  • The third and fourth year of any language is designated as an honors-level class and weighted accordingly on a student’s GPA.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered in Spanish and Italian, allowing students the opportunity to earn college credit.
  • AP Italian and AP Spanish have been accepted into the Dual Credit Program at Loyola University Chicago.

Language Media Center

  • The Language Media Center offers digital technology and capability to play and customize recordings.
  • Students are able to enhance communication skills such as pronunciation, comprehension and natural response through a variety of authentic multimedia resources.
  • The lab allows teachers to see and hear what each student is doing, providing more individualized attention to students requiring assistance.

Additional Technology

  • Through Skype and other online tools, students can connect with classrooms in other countries.
  • Classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards and SMART Response interactive response systems to instantly track lesson comprehension. Handheld clickers are used to answer quiz and other comprehension questions displayed on SMART Boards.


  • Students who qualify are invited to join Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian National Honor Societies.
  • Language clubs are offered in Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese and enrich studies through field trips, special cultural events and trips abroad.
  • Trips abroad are offered on a rotating basis during Spring Break. Students traveled to China in 2016 and Italy and Costa Rica in 2018.

National French Honor Society

National Italian Honor Society

National CHINESE Honor Society


French Class Art Institute Field Trip - April 2018

French Class Alliance Française Field Trip - April 2017