Business Technology

Enhancing students' computer literacy, developing critical 21st century skills for college and life.
  • The only constant in computer technology is change.
  • Curriculum is continually evaluated and updated to match student interest and software trends.


  • A range of courses use technology in different ways.
  • C++ and Mobile Apps develop programming skills.
  • AP Computer Science Principles teaches various topics of Computer Science.
  • Accounting and Personal Business Computing build life skills.

Programming Skills

  • C++ introduces students to design, code, documentation, testing and debugging computer programs (Math credit).
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop explores the uses of Photoshop as a creative tool for image editing, commercial design and use as a painting program (Fine Arts credit).
  • Application Development for iPad and iPhone
  • Advance Placement - Computer Science Principles explores various topics of Computer Science.

Life Skills

  • Accounting is an introduction to the terminology, principles and understanding of accounting principles.
  • Personal Business Computing develops students’ computer skills and awareness for planning their personal financial future.

Technology Resources

  • Saint Viator is a wireless campus
  • Two computer labs 
  • Computers in science labs and Scanlan Center
  • Mac computers in Academic Commons
  • Computers and printer in the Counseling Office 
  • Classrooms have either a Smartboard or Interactive Projector
  • 3-D printers