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Main Office: 847-392-4050

President's Office

President Mr. Brian Liedlich Ext. 230
Vice President for Viatorian Identity and Mission Br. John Eustice, CSV Ext. 266
President's Office Mrs. Cathy Abrahamian Ext. 216

Principal's Office

Principal Mrs. Karen Love Ext. 229
Assistant Principal Mr. Mike Field Ext. 296
Director of Student Activities Mrs. Anne Marie Lowery Ext. 267
Registrar Mrs. Stefania Svejnoha  Ext. 290
Principal's Office Mrs. Karen Buchek Ext. 299
Principal's Office Mrs. Jeanne Vallem  Ext. 400

Athletic Department

Athletic Director Mr. Jason Kuffel Ext. 214
Assistant Athletic Director Mr. Dave Archibald Ext. 237
Athletic Department Assistant Mrs. Susie McNamara Ext. 251

Business Office

Vice President - Finance Mrs. Nora Boka Ext. 215
Tuition/Accounts Receivable Mrs. Judi Salinas Ext. 219
Accounts Payable  Mrs. Donna Benedict Ext. 212

Dean's Office

Dean of Students Dr. Deborah Scerbicke Ext. 269
Dean of Students Mr. Bill Sanford Ext. 213
Attendance  Mrs. Kathy Gallagher Ext. 226

Advancement Office

Vice President of Development Mr. Tom Ramsden Ext. 286
Director of Development Mrs. Kristen Daniels Ext. 297
Special Events & Development Manager Ms. Sara Rebmann Ext. 253
Alumni Relations Manager Mrs. Kathleen Corrigan Lynde '05 Ext. 298
Director of Enrollment Mrs. Christine Bremner Ext. 256
Director of Marketing and Communications Mrs. Cristina Willard Ext. 285
Marketing and Communications Manager Ms. Elizabeth Schuetz '08 Ext. 257
Assistant Director of Enrollment Mr. Patrick Gaeger Ext. 259
Advancement Assistant Mrs. Jen Bonifacic Anderson '89 Ext. 259

Technology Department

Director of Technology Ms. Peggy Gosch Ext. 272
Coordinator of Instructional Technology Ms. Maggie Miskowicz Ext. 217

Counseling Department

Chairperson, Class of 2018 Counselor Mrs. Stephanie Spiewak Ext. 249
Class of 2019 Counselor Mr. T.J. King Ext. 231
Class of 2020 Counselor Mrs. Claudia Carone Ext. 225
College Counselor Mrs. Kelly Dutmers Ext. 233

Building and Grounds

Director Mr. Stephan Burks Ext. 238