Board of Trustees 2018-2019

The Board of Trustees is assembled of community, business and civic leaders dedicated to the identity of Saint Viator High School as the premier Catholic, Viatorian, secondary school. Thanks to their partnership, Saint Viator remains dedicated to providing college-prep education, faith-formation, and innovation to our growing student body.
The Board and associated Committees generally meet monthly, from September through June. New members are welcomed on a rolling, as-needed basis during the academic year. For more information or to become involved with the Board of Trustees and related Board Committees, please see below or contact Tom Ramsden, Vice President-Development, at

Board Committees

Board of Trustees:

Nora Boka
Michael Boler '82
Rev. Charles Bolser, C.S.V.
Dr. Kerry Conneely '90
F. Michael Covey III '90
Br. John Eustice, C.S.V.
Arthur Gasey '85
David Hogaboom
Rev. Terry Keehan '74
Jack Klues
Brian Liedlich
Karen Love
Mark McDonnell '86
James Mitchell '77
Kate O'Brien
Thomas O'Neill '88
Thomas Ramsden
Rev. David Ryan
Terrence Ryan
Rocco Smeriglio
Rev. John Van Wiel, C.S.V.
Debra Wallen
Cristina Willard

Interested in volunteer leadership positions with Saint Viator High School?
Contact Tom Ramsden, Vice President of Development at 224-625-1286